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05 Jan Hyperdimension Neptu... by: mistagatsby in: PS Vita
05 Jan Hyperdimension Neptu... by: mistagatsby in: PS Vita
05 Jan Hyperdimension Neptu... by: mistagatsby in: PS Vita
05 Jan Hyperdimension Neptu... by: mistagatsby in: PS Vita
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 News::User Registration system fixed
I was getting reports from various people that nobody could register for a new account anymore due to some kind of problem with the registration e-mail.

It turned out my hosting provider changed a thing or two on me a little unexpectedly. Not really a big deal, though, and all should be working again.
bysleepyonMonday 23 November 2009 - 15:13:06printer friendly
 News::Lots of PC docs added
Highlights include:

Aion, Borderlands (SimonU)
Dark Sector, Empire - Total War, Far Cry 2, Hearts of Iron III, Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel (aiguo)
Operational Art of War I-III (Tinstaafl, axeman99, e4450)
Red Baron II (axeman99)
Wooden Ships and Iron Men (-Jaz-)
Zoo Tycoon 2 expansions (jnb06251984)

bysleepyonFriday 30 October 2009 - 12:48:11printer friendly
 News::SimonU joins the rdocs editors staff!
Long-time uber-contributor SimonU has decided to join the rdocs staff as an editor (and much rejoicing was heard from the other editors). We're looking forward to his assistance in tackling the small mountain of pending uploads that has been accumulating on our server.

Welcome aboard SimonU!

bysleepyonMonday 28 September 2009 - 07:12:23printer friendly
 News::SimCity anyone?
These docs had been sitting on our server for a long time, but I finally just posted docs for every version (I think) of the original SimCity game. There's DOS, Windows, Classic DOS, Classic Windows, and Enhanced CD-ROM versions. Big thanks to lostnorm for all 16 of these docs.

A few other notable recent additions:

The Ancient Art of War (Wandrell)
Evil Islands, Spycraft (axeman99)
Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire (e4450)
Killzone 2 (Areala)
Ogre Battle 64 (Mrfrosty)
Silent Service (Quader)
Simon the Sorcerer (drewbar)
Tachyon - The Fringe (alan1world)
bysleepyonWednesday 23 September 2009 - 14:23:04printer friendly
 News::New stuffs
There's been a few updates between my last news post (July 9) and now, I just didn't bother with making news posts about them

Anyway, here are a few of the docs posted today:

The original Metal Gear for MSX (jubilationlee)
Ultima - Escape from Mt Drash (Darknat)
Wolfenstein (Ian and SimonU)

bysleepyonFriday 18 September 2009 - 08:03:40printer friendly
 News::Big batch of mostly PC docs posted
60 new docs added today including:

Army Men, Blitzkrieg - Burning Horizon (axeman99)
Frontlines - Fuel of War (fast fate)
RPG Maker (zidanax)
Rune, X - Beyond the Frontier, Close Combat IV - Battle of the Bulge, Thunderscape (Thriff)
Star Wars - Galactice Battlegrounds and Clone Campaigns (Maxx1234)
Turning Point - Fall of Liberty (SimonU)
bysleepyonThursday 09 July 2009 - 08:44:43printer friendly
 News::40+ new docs
40+ new docs posted including:

Etrom - The Astral Essence (Maxx1234)
Fast Attack, Ultima - Runes of Virtue I & II (mechan9)
Gothic 3 (Pyromancer)
Guns of August (goose)
Gunship (Stratos)
Star Trek - Klingon Academy (Areala)
Star Trek - Starfleet Academy (dtrajer)
bysleepyonWednesday 08 July 2009 - 08:43:38printer friendly
 News::Several updates
As some of you may have already heard I just recently became a dad, so I haven't been able to update the site as much lately... but I did post quite a few (maybe 100 or so) new docs over the past week. There's a batch of Japanese NES docs from Teran, a bunch of DS docs from n][rvana and Sicarius, a batch of PS2 and 360 docs from Jumpman626, and other miscellaneous docs. I also think that I was able to catch all of the filled requests and post them. Enjoy!
bysleepyonThursday 04 June 2009 - 14:54:39printer friendly
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