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Super NES (Super Famicom)


EarthBound - Strategy Guide

Game Title EarthBound
Document Type Strategy Guide
Platform Super NES (Super Famicom)
Author jimmyking (stats)
Filesize 58.47 MB
Date Monday 19 November 2007 - 11:52:08
Downloads 5043
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bulletHiroshi Mishima
Comments: 2
Registered: 27 Feb 09 : 17:31
\23 Apr 09 : 14:24

Thank you guys SO much for this! I used to have this years ago when the game came out, and during one of our various moves to a new home over the years it was lost and I was heart-broken. I am so happy to finally be able to see/use/read this again.


Comments: 1
Registered: 23 Sep 09 : 09:45
\26 Sep 09 : 10:23

Why is it everytime I attempt to download this, it never finishes? This time I got to 92%.


Comments: 1
Registered: 16 Oct 09 : 01:22
\16 Oct 09 : 01:33

Thanks so much!


Comments: 1
Registered: 12 May 10 : 14:51
\20 Sep 10 : 11:58

I don't suppose someone could upload this elsewhere so that the download can actually finish?


Comments: 1
Registered: 08 Mar 11 : 08:44
\08 Mar 11 : 09:54

I can. Here you are:


Comments: 97
Registered: 13 Apr 13 : 09:32
\14 Apr 13 : 09:33

outstanding job my friend,this is the best site i ever saw


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...: Omniser :...
27 Mar 15 : 11:20

yes it is funny joke i am laugh on floor har har
...: Cicciolo :...
27 Mar 15 : 10:37

@Ears: this has to be a joke, right?
...: Ears14U :...
25 Mar 15 : 17:36

I believe I found something for you pretty quickly. Check this link [link]
...: Ears14U :...
25 Mar 15 : 17:35

Cicciolo, are you still in chat?
...: Cicciolo :...
24 Mar 15 : 17:35

Does anyone here have the US manual for Time Crisis 4 on PS3? I tried asking for it ages ago but nobody ever replied... thanks in advance
...: masterfox3000 :...
07 Mar 15 : 21:36

You know for some people here against liberals you sure do put a lot of free content like a socialist? ZING!
...: TheNobleRobot :...
26 Feb 15 : 23:03

Signed up and tried to upload 4.9MB pdf. Got 500 Internal Server Error.
...: kevibeag :...
20 Feb 15 : 12:05

Trying to find the manual for Electronic Arts Might And Magic; Gates To Another World Sega Genesis. Thanks!
...: Anamon :...
14 Feb 15 : 12:20

TheoGeoAes, from experience it can take quite a while for uploads to get approved. It improved a bit lately but there are still pending uploads form many years ago. On the search page, switch to "Search in: Uploads" and you can see whether your uploads are in the system.
...: TheoGeoAes :...
03 Feb 15 : 12:31

I should probably ask: I uploaded a handful of Sega Saturn manuals almost a month ago and they have not been added yet. I can't find the pending uploads page, so I have no real clue if they'll ever be uploaded at all. Everything was scanned according to site protocol. Am I missing something?

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