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29 Jan Harvest Moon DS by: superfly in: Nintendo DS
23 Jan Brave Story - New Tr... by: Arhkaos in: PSP
01 Jan Taz-Mania by: Areala in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
01 Jan Sonic Classics by: Areala in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
01 Jan Comix Zone by: Areala in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
01 Jan Marsupilami by: Areala in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
01 Jan Monopoly by: Areala in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
01 Jan Warsong by: GENTLEMEN in: Genesis (Mega Drive)
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 News::An end to the hacking (I hope!)
Wow, those hackers have been busy these past few weeks. I kept removing the malware and they kept putting it back because I didn't have the time to really fix the vulnerability that allowed them to put the malware on the site in the first place.

So, I just had to sit down and really take the time to fix it right. It took most of the day, but it's done. And I'm pretty sure that will mark the end of the hacking and malware.

I gave everything a good once over to make sure the key features are still operational, but as always, if you notice anything weird, let me know. Thanks!
Read/Post Comment: 8bysleepyonFriday 10 June 2011 - 17:49:08printer friendly


Comments: 31
Registered: 06 Apr 05 : 14:57
\11 Jun 11 : 15:01

Excellent news, and everything seems to be properly justified now with the exception of these three pages:

All that require attention now are the spammers listed in the thread [link]


Comments: 31
Registered: 06 Apr 05 : 14:57
\11 Jun 11 : 15:02

P.S. The site time is a little off.


bulletThe Relentless
Comments: 1
Registered: 08 Apr 05 : 10:44
\14 Jun 11 : 13:13

Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and time you put in. I really appreciate.

I do not SUFFER from insanity. I ENJOY it!

Comments: 31
Registered: 06 Apr 05 : 14:57
\24 Jun 11 : 15:10

Adding to the list of pages that are still wrongly justified: the "Add Reply" (to a forum thread) and, by extension, a preview of a reply, also appear centre justified.


Comments: 1
Registered: 26 Jan 10 : 01:45
\12 Jul 11 : 01:20

Bravo...well done.


Comments: 33
Registered: 30 Jan 10 : 01:49
\14 Jul 11 : 11:45

Woo-hoo! Good work Sleepy.

One thing though, for the past week, everytime I tried to access Rdocs I got a redirect page telling me the domain name had expired or was for sale.

What was that about?

"A Nuclear Bomb always hits ground zero."

Comments: 1
Registered: 11 Jul 11 : 12:06
\16 Jul 11 : 20:25

Here something weird detected:

Hint: Reaph viewing error.php


bulletJason Moore
Comments: 1
Registered: 06 Sep 11 : 23:48
\07 Sep 11 : 00:21

And a good thing you did there. Appreciating you effords. ,<a href://"manandvanlondoncheap.co.uk">man van London</a>


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...: Draken :...
18 Jan 15 : 12:57

Hi there. I only joined this site today so I'm unsure of protocol.
What I wanted to say was; I have over 200 Xbox 360 games (and 40-odd original Xbox); All but two or three have their original manuals, all in good condition. So if someone's looking for a title for the Xbox360 or the original,there's a good chance I have it. So get in touch and I'll be happy to help you if I can.
...: Areala :...
03 Jan 15 : 03:31

You're both quite welcome. I worked hard to make sure my uploads wouldn't require much tinkering beyond slapping on the logo and running them through the PDF conversion process.
...: Jamos :...
02 Jan 15 : 15:53

Thanks Superfly and Areala
...: superfly :...
02 Jan 15 : 02:41

Oh wow, those Genesis uploads are from 2008. I shall endeavor to fix this post haste! Excellent quality scans btw, Areala.
...: Areala :...
01 Jan 15 : 22:28

If you want Genesis manuals, Jamos, just have a look at my upload queue...
...: Jamos :...
01 Jan 15 : 17:05

D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun Manual and Cluebook for Genesis added
...: Jamos :...
01 Jan 15 : 15:18

Front Mission NDS scan ready for download
...: Jamos :...
01 Jan 15 : 04:19

Phantasy Star 2 Cluebook for Genesis uploaded guys its real rare fyi
...: Jamos :...
01 Jan 15 : 03:07

We need Nintendo DS manual guys and we are lacking in Genesis also.

...: Golbang :...
13 Dec 14 : 18:10

I find of the Battle Realms Original Game Manual, anyone got this manual? please, help.

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